Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I needed a Motivator

Have you seen the television show Wipeout? Yes, it's one of the stupidest shows on tv. Nevertheless, we have let it amuse us on occasion. (My four year loves it and pretends he's going through the obstacle course and getting "wiped out" into the water pool. It's pretty entertaining.)

One of the obstacles on the course is a set of four "Big Balls" that people are usually afraid to jump across to get to the finish line. So there's this giant swinging padded arm that drops down if the contestant takes too long to get a move on and "motivates" them by pushing them off the platform into the water below. They call it "The Motivator." (That's the role I'm assigned to when my four year old plays Wipeout.)

I needed a Motivator of my own to get crafting for my own personal life. I tend to get caught up in the projects I'm doing for class because I love figuring out the techniques and teaching them to others, but I find that my personal crafting falls by the wayside. My Motivator this week? Two five year old birthday parties at the same place, on the same day, with an hour break in between. Of course I waited until the night before the parties to make the cards. Sigh. I will never learn.

Here's what I came up with - you know how I love to match!

Here I took some plain white butcher paper and stamped it with the On a Pedestal stamp set, tied some pretty pink bows with taffeta ribbon in Pretty in Pink, and made a matching card (below).

For the second party I used the Lots of Bots stamp set and stamped with the nuts and bolts stamp all over a plain white gift bag. I made a matching card and thought that a matching plate for the bag would really tie it all together. Since I took this picture with my iPhone the sentiment is hard to read: Happy Birthday Human. The chubby little robot is holding a balloon and gift bag and he's just so cute. I colored him in with my blender pens and my Basic Gray and Baja Breeze ink pads. Four silver brads at the corners add to the metallic feel of the card. The back of the envelope got sponged and stamped with the nuts and bolts stamp from the set.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's called a "ha-noo-kee-uh"

My kids have special lunchboxes. These lunchboxes require them to get someone to help them open their lunch everyday. That was not supposed to be the point of these lunchboxes. The point of these lunchboxes was to reduce waste. They have these special little containers that fit oh-so-perfectly inside along with a special ice pack that fits just perfectly, of course. It's a great idea and design except that the containers are hard for little hands to open and they frequently spill their lunches all over their clothes.

Anyway, the point of all this is that the lunchboxes also have really cool interchangeable faceplates. You can order custom plates from their site, or if you are crafty (ahem) you can make your own. My friend Jennifer  first showed me the lunchboxes and had the fabulous idea of making our own faceplates and I loved it. With the help of a laminator from Costco we've been cranking them out for our children. (She in a much more timely fashion than me of course!)

Ok, the point! I finally took off the Halloween plates (yes, I'm that belated) and replaced them with these:

I tried to convince Gwenny it would be cool to tell her friends that the menorah we use for Hanukah is actually called a "hannukiah", but she wasn't buying it. It's true though. A hannukiah is a special menorah that has spots for eight candles plus one helper candle (called the shamis), whereas a regular menorah only has room for seven. Do you recognize Stampin' Up!'s Modern Label punch as the candles and the wing from the 2-Step Bird punch as the flames? Super quick and easy!

"It's Santa's big fat belly!!!" was apparently the chorus that rang out when the kids at school caught site of the other side:

I just cut a square of silver glitter paper and punched a square out of the middle with my 1 1/4" square punch from Stampin' Up! It came out a little crooked but Santa likes to call that "jaunty".

Sorry for the picture quality - I was in a hurry and used my iPhone instead of setting up my little photo studio. And really, I should have taken pictures before I laminated them to eliminate the glare. Oh well, you get the idea.

Until next time - happy crafting!