Thursday, November 4, 2010

Custom Order/Chaos

A week or so ago I participated in a Fall Bazaar at my hair dresser's salon in Buda - Sapphire Salon. I had made an adorable memo pad folder from a Stampin' Up! decorated file folder.

Inside is a mini legal pad and a pocket for coupons, etc.

A couple of the girls loved it but wanted to know if they could order custom designs, specifically a pink & black one (no biggie) and a zebra print one (umm, sure?). I agreed and off I went in search of a zebra print file folder. Let me tell you, they are not easy to come by locally!

So I decided to try to wrap a standard file folder in decorative paper and Modge Podge it. (That's a decorative glue that dries hard and clear.) I started with the pink and black folder.

As you can see, things didn't go so well. The paper had bubbles under it that just wouldn't smooth out with the Modge Podge. "I know! I'll put Crystal Effects (a really hard super glossy drying glue from Stampin' Up!) on it." Well, apparently when you apply Crystal Effects over a large flexible surface this happens.

Anyone in the market for a super warped custom memo pad folder?

Back to the drawing board! I found some super cute file folders at an office supply store and went with those. Here I heat embossed the Melon Mambo (pink) panel with Stampin' Up!s Irridescent Ice embossing powder then overlayed some Black Flourish Designer Jewels from the Holiday Mini Catalog. I heat set the jewels briefly to ensure the glue would hold firmly to the glittery pink surface.

I used the same embossing technique on the paper inside the matching pen.

The zebra print one was a bit more complicated since I never found a zebra print file folder to work with. (More on that later!) I found this paper called "embroidery paper" that you can sew on and it also happens to be water resistant and flexible. Very cool. I used that to cover the front outer cover and backed the entire piece with Stampin' Up!s Sticky Pages, which are 12" x 12" super sticky double sided adhesive pages.

For the inside I lined it with some 12"x12" zebra print paper. I used the embroidery paper again to make the matching pen and the topper for the memo pad.

I love the way it turned out!

I packaged them up in cellophane bags and made matching paper toppers with brads and a thank you tag for each. Super cute!

Oh, and after going to five different stores around town looking for the zebra print folder and finally giving up, yesterday I found these at the one craft store I didn't visit on my Great Hunt for the Zebra Print File Folder.

I bought them just on principal.