Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She's crafty - it runs in the genes

I was on the phone with my sister this afternoon when Gwenny came to me to ask me for something. I told her she'd have to wait because I was on the phone. Aren't they the most needy when you're on the phone?!?

A short time later she came back and asked me how to spell "stop". I reminded her I was still on the phone (a little annoyed this time!) and told her to go ask her brother. And here's what she presented me as soon as I got off the phone - a "stop" and "go" sign for when I'm on the phone and want her and Mitchell to be quiet! I melted. So sweet! She stapled it three times across the top so that it's secure and can stand up on it's own (as long as there's no breeze). I know the letters are not in the correct order, but she used a three year old as her spelling advisor, so what do you expect?

She told me her teacher has one in the classroom and that was her inspiration. :) That's me beaming with pride. ;)
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